Wednesday, December 14, 2011

9.10am Wednesday 14 December 2011

Swell is 6 foot and the wind has dropped to a force 3 southwesterly cross/onshore breeze.


Low 01.37 1.1m

High 07.44 4.0m

Low 14.08 1.0m

High 20.18 3.8m

The 67 foot wave measured off Donegal yesterday is making headlines this morning:

And here is a link to the Marine Institute's map showing the location of the M4 bouy:

The M4 buoy, located off Donegal Bay, replaced the K4 buoy a few years ago. The K4 which was a tilt bouy that could only measure up to its 90 degree angle. Which is why yesterday's wave is the biggest Irish wave on record. There may have been bigger waves in the past but the K4 could only tilt so far. Nevertheless, the K4, which first became accessible online in the early 1990s, is remembered by oldie wave watchers with great affection.

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