Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11.30am Wednesday 12 January 2010

Today is mild with a 1 foot swell and light force 1 south southwesterly breeze.

0431 1.5

1054 3.2

1653 1.4

2327 3.0

Lateness of blog is due to my going for a medical appointment this morning. I thought I'd already had this year's flu but it seems my flu wasn't swine flu. Swine flu, they said at the health centre, is raging here since the week before Christmas and it's a horrible illness. So I took my shot even though I was only in for a blood test. Maybe it's a good idea for the rest of you out there to have your shot too asap if you haven't already had it. Especially if you're young.

I promised the nurse I'd spread the word. Dial 0719851600 for an appointment.

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