Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas at the Gaslight - Sunday 10 December 2010

Once upon a time, one cold and frosty Sunday a week before Christmas, Santa's elves came to check at each house in Rossnowlagh to see if there were children living in them so that Santa would leave their presents in the right place on Christmas Eve.

Elves: "Any children in this house?"
"Sorry, try next door."

The elves saw a house with a bag over the chimney and wondered, "How will Santa get in there? We'd better call emergency services to get it removed".

Whenever they met children they whispered to them that a very important visitor might call into the Gaslight Restaurant round about four o'clock. So lots of children came to the Gaslight and brought their mums and dads along to see if the very important visitor would reallly come.

Inside the Gaslight it was party time with music and dancing and bright disco lights.

Anthony and Pauline were very busy helping everyone have a great time.

Then there was a strange noise, a jingling of bells and - what was that thud up on the roof? Was it . . . a reindeer sleigh landing on the Gaslight roof?

"He's on the roof," Thomas shouted. Everybody hurried outside - and yes, there was Santa Claus himself, right up on the roof!

He quickly disappeared into the Gaslight chimney and everybody hurried back inside. Santa was already sitting in an armchair near the fire with a big bag of presents beside him. The children gathered round and told him all their secret wishes for Christmas.

Below: Thomas checking has Santa got any up to date X-box stuff.

Pretty young thing: "Please Santa, can I be your girl?"
Santa: "I'll have to ask Mrs Claus about that."

"Time to go now, I'll be back on Christmas Eve, about 11.55pm. I'll need a table for 87 people for me and my helpers," said Santa.

"I'll see what I can do," Anthony said. "Have you tried our steak sandwich yet?"

"Steak sandwich? Yum, very nice. Make that 123 steak sandwiches and a bale of hay up on the roof for the reindeer."

"Okay Santa. I'll take care of it."

Santa disappeared up the chimney and everybody went outside to wave him off.

"Good bye Santa, see you on Christmas Eve."

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